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  • Save for pet food discounts!
  • Do you collect points?

Save for discounts on Renske Natural Petfood

You will find points on almost every product. Depending on the product, this varies from half a point to a maximum of forty-eight points. Have you saved one hundred points? Then your card is full, which is worth a discount of €7.50. Club card points are valid indefinitely.

Your club card is full

Have you saved a total of one hundred points? Good news! Your club card is full. It doesn't matter how you reach a hundred points. It could be with three coupons of thirty, combined with twenty half-coupons. Or, for example, one hundred single-point coupons. So long as you have one hundred points in total or a multiple thereof. Club cards with fewer than a hundred points cannot be accepted. You can redeem as many full club cards as you want.

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Redeeming club cards

There are three ways to redeem your full club cards:

  1. Ask at the pet store where you buy your Renske Pet Food! Many pet stores will accept your full club cards, therefore you can take immediate advantage of your discount. Does the pet store where you buy your products not yet participate in the Renske Club Card promotion? They can contact us for more information.
  2. Send by (registered) mail to Renske Natural Petfood B.V. – Beerseweg 34a – 5431 LC Cuijk.
  3. Between 08.30 and 17.30 on weekdays at our office at Beerseweg 34a in Cuijk.
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€7.50 Discount

A full club card represents a value of €7.50. The discount is redeemed immediately when you buy new Renske products from our premises or in the pet store.

Redeem online

You can use the discount code online by entering it in the shopping cart at Renske's Online shop. When you enter the code you have received, the discount will be processed automatically. The shipping costs will also revert to €0.00. The code applies to a minimum order of €7.50 and upwards. It is not possible to use part of the discount or to exchange the code for cash.

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Redeem your Renske club card at pet insurer PetSecur and receive a discount of €7.50 on your policy premium! If you are not currently a PetSecur customer, you will receive a discount of €15 on your first policy premium. PetSecur provides the most comprehensive dog and cat insurance in the Netherlands. Send your full club card to:

OWM PetSecur
Koninginneweg 11
1217 KP Hilversum
The Netherlands


Download your club card here

  • Stick your stamps on this club card, fill in your details and hand in the
    card at your local Renske retailer.
  • Only fully completed cards will be accepted.
  • A full club card represents a total value of 100. These
    can be stamps of varying values. You can only hand in a maximum of 10
    cards at once. One full card is worth a discount of €7.50.
  • Club cards may only be redeemed for a discount on Renske
    products, not for cash or discounts on other items.

Download the clubcard

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