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The importance of pet food

In the thirty years that I successfully bred dogs, I acquired an eye for the role that pet food plays in the appearance, health, behaviour and performance of dogs and cats.

Nutrition has always been an interest of mine, a topic which I have also studied. I still study nutrition every day and am learning new things all the time. The importance of proteins, fats and fatty acids in pet food soon became very clear to me. In this respect, many producers unfortunately often make very different choices. I believe in the power of nature to create and maintain body health. This is the reason why I started developing my own pet food. Since then, we have been supplying pet food and dietary supplements based on this philosophy. I wanted the best for my own dogs and cats. And if you can give your own pets the very best, why not someone else's?

This is something we will continue to develop in order to offer you the best natural food for your dog or cat!


Why are Renske products so special?

The main ingredient in both our wet and dry food products is fresh meat or fresh fish. Fresh meat or fish in combination with vegetables, fruit, active herbs, valuable minerals, vitamins and trace elements all provide an ideal variety of natural raw materials. Our high-quality products are based on variety, and can therefore be perfectly combined, including combining our wet food products with our dry food products. This gives your pet a varied, balanced very high-quality meal!

Surprise your dog or cat with the Renske Natural Pet Food menu, which guarantees a healthy variety of building blocks. Our products allow you to pamper your dog or cat in a healthy way, and in return, you will have a healthy and lively animal!

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Renske Natural Petfood originated from an indestructible love for animals. Not only for our own dogs and cats, but also for yours.