Renske's sustainability


Reducing ecological paw print

We believe in the power of nature, but that does mean it needs to be a continuing force. Hence, we are doing everything we can to keep our ecological paw print as small as possible. Not just for your faithful companion(s), but also for our planet and all creatures on it. Apart from sustainable and 100% recyclable packaging, we definitely are not chasing our own tails.

Renske products are produced with the greatest possible care. The ingredients are purchased from local suppliers, guaranteeing freshness and quality. One of our production sites is powered by electricity from a biomass plant that is fed by waste products from the production site itself. The other residual products are turned into natural fertiliser. The production process uses 25 million litres of water, of which no less than 20 million litres are recycled for reuse. Moreover, our production locations invest in wind farms to generate renewable and sustainable power.

Green pawprint

FSC-certified cardboard

A healthy climate is essential for our society and for future generations. For this reason, it is important that we use the natural raw materials on our planet wisely. Also, it is very important to us to deal responsibly with our ecological footprint. For example, we use Tetra Pak with FSC® certified, recyclable cardboard in our packaging to safeguard the future of forests and the associated supply of wood. Good for both your faithful friend and the planet!

FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council®. This is an international organisation committed to global forest conservation and responsible forest management. Wood and paper products that originate from these forests and other controlled sources are identified by the FSC® label, which is also found on the Renske Tetra Pak 185. This label confirms that FSC® certified cardboard was used to produce the packaging. The use of this cardboard guarantees responsible forest management, and therefore the survival of our planet's forests. The packaging is also so light-weight that there is an 80% emission reduction compared to other packaging.

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Even before our products are ready, we take transport efficiency into consideration. The use of Tetra Pak packaging is a good example. By using Tetra Pak packaging rather than other forms of packaging, fewer trucks are needed to transport the flat packaging to the factory, as it is only folded once it arrives at the factory. The rectangular packages fit together seamlessly, like perfect building blocks. The shape chosen means that pallets are stacked more efficiently since no air needs to be transported. This leads to a transport efficiency of between 15% to 20%.

transport duurzaamheid


Recyclable packaging

Almost all of Renske's packaging can be recycled. For instance, the 185g freshly prepared meal packaging is turned into a new product, for example a cardboard box or a paper bag. In the Netherlands, Tetra Pak packaging has been collected separately for recycling since the beginning of 2015. Almost all municipalities in the Netherlands now participate in these separate collections! In Belgium, these packs have been collected in the blue PMD bag for some time, and more than 90% of all used cartons are recycled.

Tetra bij elkaar

How can I recycle the packaging?

Here you can see how you can contribute and properly dispose of the Renske packaging. All the little things help to have a major effect on a better and more healthy planet climate! For instance, our multi-boxes no longer contain cardboard sleeves, which means we save on over 100 tons of packaging per year.

We are stronger together than alone

We are working together with Tetra on the further development of sustainability. Renske is also gradually replacing its packaging, investigating the possibilities of producing closer to home and, to take just one example, we have for years been working together with wholesalers, who pack our goods together with other brands, per customer, and transport them on pallets to the shops. So, instead of 10 suppliers a day, only one truck arrives at the door. This saves a lot on transport and contributes to sustainability. We're not there yet, but every day we are getting closer to a smaller ecological paw print!



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