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Renske Variety Box for Puppies

  • Real gourmets want a variety of food!
  • Variety and combinations for a healthy and happy life!

Renske wants the best for dogs and cats

Which is why Renske has been developing natural nutrition for twenty-five years. Renske knows better than anyone about the important role that the correct food plays in the appearance, health and behaviour of puppies.


Specially for puppies

Renske has formulated a pet food especially for puppies, which consists of only natural ingredients, and which supports the development and growth of your puppy. Food with omega-3 is easily digested, and is suitable for all breeds. The high percentage of fresh meat or fresh fish used, makes it extra tasty. The carefully balanced proteins and fats help in the development of the puppies' learning ability.

All Renske Natural Animal Pet Food products are gluten free; and some are even grain free. In addition, our puppy food does not contain any chemical colouring, taste enhancers or flavourings, and no chemical antioxidants. With Renske Natural Pet Food products, your puppy's healthy growth is assured.

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Variety is very important for puppies! By introducing your puppy to many different tastes at a young age, it will become a good eater. And, of course, puppies really enjoy eating a variety of foods.

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Renske Natural Petfood originated from an indestructible love for animals. Not only for our own dogs and cats, but also for yours.

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