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Both the M.O.P. kibbles and the Super Premium dry food are extruded. There are 2 types of products in pet food: Pressed kibbles and Extruded kibbles; What are pressed kibbles? Pressed kibbles are prepared at a temperature below 90°C. The temperature is not high enough to gelatinise the cereals in kibbles, which is why they are gelatinised separately and added afterwards. Gelatinisation of cereals in order to make them digestible, can be compared to boiling potatoes. The ingredients are ground, mixed, heated and then pressed together. There is no air in a pressed kibble because the nutrients are compressed, and this is why a compressed kibble has less volume than a crunchy kibble. What is an extruded kibble? Extrusion means heating with steam above 100°C. Again, the ingredients are ground and mixed, then steam and moisture are added to the mixture. In this process, cereals that have not been gelatinised are added, as the heating temperature reaches the correct temperature to gelatinise the cereals. The crunchiness is created by expansion (extrusion) of the ingredients once the pressure drops, after the ingredients are compressed by the moulding press. The sensitive ingredients/raw materials such as fats, are added at the end of the production process. Some of the raw materials are lost once heated, and this is taken into account by adding more of these ingredients beforehand. An extruded kibble is crunchier and harder, which generally stimulates the pet to chew on the kibble.

If unopened, Renske Fresh Steamed Meals can be stored outside the refrigerator and/or freezer for 12 months after production. After opening, Renske Fresh Steamed Meals may be kept refrigerated for at least 48 hours.

You can heat Renske Fresh Steamed Meals in the microwave for 30-60 seconds. The product must then be consumed within 20 minutes.

The Super Premium dry food is extremely well matched to Renske Fresh Steamed Meals, even the flavours are the same. This combination is also good to use in an elimination diet, for example you can take the lamb kibble, and combine it with Renske Fresh Steamed Lamb. This way, you can be sure that no other sources of protein are being given. To keep a dog healthy, it is important to alternate as much as possible. This is very easy with the 14 varieties of Renske Fresh Steamed Meals, and the 8 types of Super Premium dry food.

Renske M.O.P. kibbles are also easy to combine with Renske Fresh Steamed Meals. This is advisable, because fresh meat contains enzymes that promote healthy digestion. In principle, Renske Fresh Steamed Meals may be combined with any kibble.

All Renske products are gluten free. Renske grain-free products are also available, and this is clearly stated on the relevant products.

A dog or cat with a particular sensitivity to gluten may develop a form of infection of the small intestine when certain types of gluten pass through. This in turn can result in poor food absorption, chronic diarrhoea and weight loss.

Yes, Renske Natural Pet Food also produces grain-free food, i.e.:

For dogs:
Super Premium dry pet food has 4 grain-free varieties:

  • Freshly prepared chicken
  • Freshly prepared lamb
  • Freshly prepared salmon
  • Freshly prepared turkey (senior)

Freshly prepared meat:

  • Freshly prepared chicken grain free 395g
  • Freshly prepared lamb grain free 395g
  • Freshly prepared salmon grain free 395g
  • Freshly prepared turkey grain free 395g
  • Stew with Game 395g
  • Christmas dinner 395g
  • Freshly prepared chicken grain free 100g
  • Freshly prepared lamb grain free 100g
  • Freshly prepared salmon grain free 100g
  • Freshly prepared turkey grain free 100g

For cats:

  • All Renske cat food products are grain free.


We have different varieties of dry food for cats. Below are the different types, together with the kibble sizes:

  • Renske Kitten - Freshly prepared turkey with chicken 5mm x 5.5mm
  • Renske Adult - Freshly prepared chicken 10.5mm x 5mm
  • Renske Adult - Freshly prepared duck 10.5mm x 5mm
  • Renske Adult - Freshly prepared salmon 10.5mm x 5mm
  • Renske Adult - Freshly prepared ocean fish and salmon 18mm (this is a maxi kibble specially for large pedigree/cats)
  • Renske Senior - Freshly prepared chicken with duck 10.5mm x 5mm

Once opened, Renske Fresh Steamed Meals can be kept in the fridge for a further 3 days. If required, Renske Fresh Steamed Meals can also be frozen. Renske Fresh Frozen should be fed to your dog within 24 hours after opening. Keep it refrigerated during these 24 hours.

  • Character, 2 to 3 days

  • Skin and coat, approximately 6 weeks


Fresh steamed meat meal (395 grams) Calories per 100 grams
Renske Fresh steamed Chicken & Lamb (Puppy) 148 kcal
Renske Fresh steamed Chicken 173,5 kcal
Renske Fresh steamed Turkey & Duck 161 kcal
Renske Fresh steamed Ocean Fish 121 kcal
Renske Fresh steamed Duck & Rabbit 166 kcal
Renske Fresh steamed Lamb 178 kcal
Renske Fresh steamed Salmon & Potato (Grain free) 111,5 kcal
Renske Fresh steamed Turkey (Senior 7+) 165.5 kcal 165,5 kcal
Renske Fresh steamed Limited Edition Christmas Dinner 147,4 kcal


Fresh steamed Meat meal cat (100 grams) Calories per 100 grams
Renske Tuna and Sardine 81,2 kcal
Renske Tuna in jelly 81,2 kcal
Renske Tuna and Surimi 77,2 kcal
Renske Fresh steamed Chicken and Beef with Chicken Liver in jelly 82 kcal
Renske Fresh steamed Turkey and Chicken in jelly 82 kcal


No salt or sugar is added to Renske Fresh Steamed Meals. The products contain only naturally occurring salt in the meat or fish. Fish naturally contains more salt and iodine than meat, and the amount of salt required by the body per 100k/cal ME is 0.22g. Renske Fresh Steamed products contain approximately 0.18g. As a result, our products are labelled as low in salt.

Although our products do not actually contain sufficient salt, we have intentionally chosen not to add extra salt for the following reason:

The amount of daily salt intake that your dog or cat still requires is so minute, that he or she will consume the difference through, for example, tasty snacks.

In order to meet the chewing needs of the dog in particular, it is sensible to regularly offer something that the dog can chew for a long time.

Renske Fresh Steamed Meals and Renske Dry Food are both complete meals, so they contain everything your pet needs. There is no need to give them anything extra. Renske Fresh Steamed Meals are reasonably wet, yet hearty meals, so they will barely stick to the teeth or gums, leaving no bacteria in the mouth.

Contrary to many other brands, Renske does not add sugar to its products. This makes Renske Fresh Steamed Meals better for the teeth than many other brands. You can help your dog or cat by regularly giving him or her dried cod or a sensible snack, such as Chhurpi or other Renske Healthy Rewards. If you are feeding your dog or cat dry food in addition to Renske Fresh Steamed Meals, then their teeth will be adequately stimulated.

Renske Natural Pet Food has an organic Fresh Meat range that is SKAL certified. This range consists of Fresh Meals for dogs and cats based on chicken and beef, or a combination of the two. Our other products are not organic, but naturally we do consider the welfare of the animals that are processed in our food. These animals live in natural conditions, and close to the processing plant in England. The chickens can go outside, grow to maturity and lay eggs. Lambs are from the Dartmoor area, the fish is oceanic, and the salmon is sourced mainly from Scotland. All animals mature without antibiotics.

Renske wet food for cats is highly suitable for cats with diabetes, as no sugar has been added. In addition, all Renske wet food products for cats are grain free.

We use only fresh, natural, very high-quality ingredients of high nutritional value for all our Renske products, all of which meet the standard for human consumption. The food is lightly steamed in its own juices. This minimal production process guarantees that all ingredients (enzymes) remain intact, thereby preserving all the natural and healthy nutrients.

For us, the quality of the ingredients and the health of your pets come first. Thanks to our unique preparation method, there is no risk of bacteria, as is the case when thawing frozen products. When a food is frozen, this is, in fact, a process of heating (much like freezing a wart). Renske Fresh Steamed Meals are vacuum drawn into the packaging so that bacteria cannot contaminate the contents.

Grape seeds naturally contain hydrocyanic acid, which is toxic. The grape seed extract in Renske products has been lightly heated so that the hydrocyanic acid is made harmless and is no longer present in the grape seed extract. As a result, there is no danger to the animal when consuming our products.

  • To lose/maintain weight: Yes, Renske Fresh Steamed Meals are very light and suitable for weight loss. To maintain their weight, you can also feed your pet Renske Super Premium dry food. The Fresh Salmon and Fresh Ocean Fish varieties are the most suitable.

  • Kidney diet: Depending on what is affecting the kidneys, there are a number of options. The best course of action is to contact Renske Natural Pet Food.

  • Bladder diet: For regularly recurring cystitis, we have prepared an excellent Renske Fresh product, the 'turkey with cranberry’ variety. We also include cranberry in a variety of Super Premium dry foods. Cranberry binds to the bacterium so that it cannot attach itself to the bladder wall, making it easier to expel the bacterium through urination.

  • Diabetic: Renske Fresh Meals are extremely suitable for diabetic dogs and cats, as they do not contain sugar. The Super Premium dry food can also help, because of the unprecedented high content of fresh meat in these kibbles.

Renske Fresh Steamed Meals are recommended for dogs and cats with inflammation of the intestines, and for other intestinal conditions. The high fresh meat or fresh fish content makes the Renske Fresh Steamed product very easy for a dog or cat with sensitive stomach/intestines to digest. You can supplement Renske Fresh Steamed Meals with Golddust Heal - 5 Intestines. Golddust Heal - 5 Intestines contains a large amount of vegetable origin omega-3, and is very high in fibre. The fibres absorb the moisture in the intestine, and the omega-3 has an anti-inflammatory effect.

You can use these points to save up for fun, useful gifts and free food. You can find all the information about the savings campaign, the catalogue and loyalty cards here.

The daily serving of food for your dog or cat can be found on the packaging of every product. In addition, the guidelines can be found on each of the product pages on this website. Please note that our guidelines are based on averages. Your dog or cat’s age, condition, breed and temperament affect its daily nutritional needs. This means that your dog or cat may require more or less than indicated in the guidelines. Always monitor your pet closely.

Feel free to contact us if you would like feeding advice and guidance.

All Renske Fresh Steamed products are lightly steamed and then vacuum sealed in their packaging. This is why our products, if unopened, can be kept outside the freezer or refrigerator for a longer period of time. We don't add any artificial preservatives.

What food should I feed my puppy?

From 3 weeks, the puppy can be weaned with Renske Fresh Steamed products. In the first 2 days, add boiled and cooled water to make a thin porridge. This makes it easy for puppies to lick, and on the third day they can eat the Fresh Meals without the water added. Once they have teethed, they can be fed Renske Super Premium puppy kibbles. From 3 - 4 months, a puppy can eat one or more of the adult Super Premium varieties.

Which food should I feed my adult dog?
For your adult dog, choose from the products listed below:

M.O.P. dry food:

  • Freshly prepared Chicken & Rice
  • Freshly prepared Lam & Rice
  • Freshly prepared Salmon
  • Freshly prepared Turkey & Duck

Super Premium dry food:

  • Freshly prepared Chicken (grain free)
  • Freshly prepared Lamb (grain free)
  • Freshly prepared Turkey & Duck
  • Freshly prepared Ocean Fish 
  • Freshly prepared Salmon (grain free)
  • Freshly prepared Duck & Rabbit

Renske Vers steamed meat: 

  • Alle adult varianten in 100g en 395g

Which food should I feed my senior dog? 

M.O.P. droogvoer: 

  • Freshly prepared Chicken & Rice
  • Freshly prepared Salmon
  • Freshly prepared Turkey & Duck

Dry with the same quality as fresh: 

  • Senior Fresh steamed Turkey (grain free)

Renske Fresh steamed meat:

  • Turkey senior 7+ (395 gr)
  • Turkey senior 7+ (100gr)

Three quarters of a cereal's protein consists of gluten. Gluten contains the protein gliadin. Gliadin can cause problems such as allergies in dogs and cats. All (pseudo) cereals contain gluten, but only the gluten in wheat, barley and rye contains gliadin. Seeds from oats, barley, rice, maize, sorghum and teff are more or less also included as grains. However, these do not cause allergies because the gluten does not contain the protein gliadin. So-called pseudo-grains are the seeds of two-seed lobed plants, such as quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat.

All Renske products are gluten free, which contributes to their excellent digestibility. Renske also produces a range of entirely grain-free products.

All products in the Renske range are 100% natural. We define natural as: everything that comes from nature and is produced by nature. Our products contain only natural ingredients, so no chemical colouring agents, aromas or flavourings, and no chemical antioxidants.

You are currently feeding your pet a different brand

We advise:

  • Three days of Renske Fresh. This encourages optimal intestinal flora.

  • Two days of fresh meat mixed with the (new) Renske kibbles.

  • Give your pet only Renske dry food. However, we do recommend combining fresh meat and dry food.

You are currently feeding your pet BARF/KVV

Wij adviseren:

  • One to two days of Renske fresh meat. This encourages optimal intestinal flora.

  • Two days of fresh meat mixed with the (new) Renske kibbles.

  • Give your pet only Renske dry food. However, we do recommend combining fresh meat and dry food. This method of feeding your pet is ideal for a day out, a holiday, if the dog goes into a kennel, or is housed elsewhere. And of course at home, there's no need to defrost!

You are currently feeding your pet Renske MOP dry food

In this case, we suggest that you to try all the different flavours from the Super Premium dry food range (these are also available in small packages). If you alternate the flavours, you can keep an eye on which flavour the dog responds best to. We recommend continuing to vary the flavours, with the advice to add fresh meat.

You are currently feeding your pet Renske Fresh Steamed Meals

We recommend that you purchase all the different flavours from our Super Premium range in small packages. You can introduce these kibbles first as a reward, then after a few days you can start giving them as pet food. Because of the high percentage of fresh meat, the dog's intestines will respond well to these kibbles.

You are currently feeding your pet Renske MOP dry food and Renske Fresh Steamed Meals

In this case, you can simply switch to our Super Premium dry feed range. You can mix or alternate the new kibbles with our Fresh Steamed Meals.

Some cereals, such as rice, are gluten free. Not all gluten-free products are grain free, for example chicken with rice is gluten free, but not grain free.

Renske Fresh Steamed meat is a lightly steamed product. The short steaming process ensures that the product is not raw. This makes Renske Fresh meat easy to digest, safe and very practical to use.

We are the only brand allowed to have 'fresh' on the packaging of our steamed meals, because the meat is processed within 3 hours of slaughter. As a result of this process, enough enzymes remain in the meat or fish to ensure optimal digestibility. When meat or fish is not processed for a longer period of time, the enzymes rapidly deteriorate. Frozen meat is not always frozen immediately after slaughter. Renske Fresh Frozen products are always processed in a safe, hygienic way in an FCA-certified production location. Because vacuum packing is used for Renske Fresh meat, it is easy to store without the need of a freezer. You won’t have the problem of forgetting to take the meat product out of the freezer. There is also no risk of bacterial contamination. Renske Fresh meat is ideal as it doesn't take up your space in the freezer, and there's no need to defrost the meals. A huge benefit when you’re on holiday!

Dogs and cats are carnivores and are best at digesting meat or fish. Therefore, if they suffer from diarrhoea, it is important to feed fresh meat or fresh fish. Often, you will find that the diarrhoea stops after only one day. Renske Fresh Steamed Meals are ideal, because they are lightly steamed and consequently contain no harmful bacteria. As a result, the affected intestine recovers very quickly. After 2 days free from diarrhoea, you can carefully add some kibbles.

Is there blood in the diarrhea? If this is the case, contact your vet.

This depends on the breed. We suggest that you contact us for more information. In principle, the switch can be made at three months, but every dog is unique in terms of growth, development, illnesses etc.

Eating feces can have several causes:

  • Puppies have learned this in the litter (learned behaviour)
  • Stress, with consequent omega-3 deficiency, in which case the dog prefers to eat herbivore faeces
  • Pack behaviour. A dog that is the lowest ranking dog in a pack often eats faeces from other dogs that are higher in the pack in order to adopt the scent of that dog. This enables the dog to acquire higher status.
  • Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency can be rectified by good nutrition.

Grass naturally contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. A dog or cat experiencing stress loses all its omega-3 from the blood and tries to replenish it by eating grass. All our products contain a very high omega-3 fatty acid content. Our food, and especially the salmon varieties, help to make up for this deficiency very quickly. We recommend our Golddust dietary supplement in cases of serious omega-3 fatty acid deficiency, which often manifests itself in behavioural and skin/coat problems.

Symptoms of omega-3 deficiency:

  • Eating grass
  • Hyperactive behaviour
  • Itching, scratching, licking and biting

One of the reasons for this is the change of seasons. Chickens, ducks, turkeys etc. are fed different food in the winter than in the summer months. Even the grass is different in winter than in summer. This is the reason for the colour differences in the meat. We could ensure that our product always has the same colour, but then we would have to add colouring agents to Renske fresh meat. We don’t want to do this, which accounts for the occasional differences in colour.

The Renske Fresh product is finely minced in order to remove any sharp shards of bone from the chicken, duck, turkey, etc. This way, your dog or cat can safely eat Renske Fresh products without the risk of choking on a sharp shard of bone. We use the bones as a natural source of calcium.

We do not use any artificial thickening or binding agents. Renske Fresh Ocean Fish has a wetter consistency than the other Renske Fresh varieties. Fish, which includes salmon, has a softer and wetter consistency than meat. Often, oil on the surface is visible just below the seal. This oil, from the Ocean Fish or Salmon, contains a lot of omega 3 fatty acids is therefore very healthy. Renske Fresh Ocean Fish may also vary slightly in colour. This is because not all oceanic fish are the same, different species of fish are used. We could make the product drier. However, this would mean adding artificial binding agents, which is not something we want to do. We also do not add colouring agents to compensate for any differences in colour.

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