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Renske's Petfood philosophy


The power of nature

“Food plays an important part in the health, behaviour, performance and appearance of dogs and cats - I discovered this when I began breeding dogs successfully over twenty-five years ago. Jan and I won every prize there was to win with our Golden Retrievers, but I found the nutrition lacking. So it was time for me to dig deeper into this issue.”

During my studies I discovered that proteins, fats and fatty acids are very important in a pet's diet, but manufacturers make different choices, often based on price. I personally believe in the power of nature to create and maintain a healthy body. This can only be achieved with good nutrition. Nutrition that Jan and I subsequently developed ourselves.

"We not only want the best for our own pets, we also want your dogs and cats to have the best"

We still follow all the developments very closely, and every day I study half an hour before bedtime. We don't just want the best for our own pets. No, we want your dogs and cats to have the best too. This is our guiding philosophy at Renske Natural Pet Food. We look for ingredients that enhance our products, not ways to produce our products more cheaply. Everything here is born out of our love and passion for the animals. And that isn't only what Jan and I believe, it applies to our whole team.

All food should be as fresh as possible; after all, we would want the same on our plates. This means that the main ingredient in both our wet and dry food products consists of fresh meat or fresh fish. This is always combined with vegetables, fruit, beneficial herbs, valuable minerals, vitamins and trace elements to create the ideal variety of natural raw materials for your dog or cat.

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Variety & Combinations

Our high-quality products are based on variety, and can therefore be perfectly combined. Even our wet food products can be fed together with our dry food products, without any problem. This ensures your pet can enjoy a varied, balanced, high-quality meal. This way they are being given the right building blocks.

I'm sure you will agree that we also prefer a different diet every day, don't we? With our wide range this is easy to achieve; your pets can even eat with the family. If we decide to have salmon for dinner, then the dogs are given the same. It's not only fun; but in return you’ll have a healthy and lively pet. Isn't that what you want your dog or cat to enjoy?"

With love,

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Power of the heart

Renske Natural Pet Food originated from an unwavering love of animals. Not only for our own dogs and cats, but also for yours. We started our company out of love, because we want to give them the best. Financial gain has never been a factor. We don't want to become huge or commercial. Everything we do comes from the heart. This is what our logo's slogan ‘Power of the heart’ means.


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Powered by the heart

Renske Natural Petfood originated from an indestructible love for animals. Not only for our own dogs and cats, but also for yours.