Love of animals and food

“We were looking for the very best for our own dogs. And if you can give that to your own dogs, why not someone else's?” With this in mind, we started Renske Natural Pet Food twenty-five years ago. Purely out of love for pets. Not only our own, but also yours. Surely you would agree that your dog or cat is entitled to the very best?

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Back in time

From a very early age, Jan and I have both been dog lovers. As a girl, I was so sad that my parents wouldn’t let me have a dog. It was different for Jan; it was unthinkable not to have a dog on the farm in Brabant. After we met while on holiday, we lived in my house in Friesland for a year. When I moved with him to Brabant, we immediately bought a German shepherd. I remember it well; it was a long-haired Alsatian. Because we were both working, we also bought a little dachshund so they wouldn’t feel lonely. Unfortunately, that didn't help. However, he was very happy on Jan's parents' farm. We found the right companion for our Dachshund in a Golden Retriever called Nelson.

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In those days, Golden Retrievers were more elitist dogs. Yes, you did see them in the built-up urban areas of the Netherlands, but hardly ever around this area. Nelson came to us by chance. He was with a family in Boxmeer where he destroyed everything. All the chair legs were chewed and the children were scared of him. We realised that he was in the wrong type of environment entirely. We took him with us, to the annoyance of the breeder. After a while, we began to study dog breeding; we wanted a litter, so we bought a bitch. We ended up breeding and training Golden Retrievers for thirty years.

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Dog shows

Fascinated by dog shows, we decided to participate. Jan had a room full of pedigree certificates; from the very first Golden Retriever, all the way up to the puppies from our litters - they were all there. Every weekend we went to dog shows both home and abroad; first with Nelson and then with the other dogs. We won every time. So you could say everything was going fine, but I still wasn't happy with the dog food. Good nutrition plays such an important role in both appearance, health, behaviour and performance in both dogs and cats. There was still much room for progress.

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Pet food

Once Jan and I decide to do something - whether it's breeding, participating in dog shows, or nutrition - then we really go for it. We immerse ourselves. We want to know everything. I’m very eager to learn. If something interests me, then I want to get to the bottom of it. This is how Renske Natural Pet Food came about. Purely out of affection for pets. And don’t let me forget our cats. As well as our Golden Retrievers and Dachshunds, we also had cats. Dogs and cats are so different. A cat eats differently, sleeps differently and behaves differently; a cat is more independent. It's said that a dog has a boss, a cat has staff. A cat can take care of itself. Naturally, with the right food, we can give them a helping hand.

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Nutrition is my calling; I knew that from the moment I started my training. I was, in fact, trained as an accountant, but this suits me so much better. I find everything about it so interesting. There is so much to learn and discover. Just take a look at Omega 3 fatty acids, which I've been studying for years. It may be more than twenty-five years ago that I began my research; but I still study for half an hour every day. If a customer has a question to which I don't know the answer, I really delve into it. I want to find the correct answer. Everything I’ve learned, I then include in the development of our products; I want to create only the very best for all dogs and cats.”

With love,


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Renske Natural Petfood originated from an indestructible love for animals. Not only for our own dogs and cats, but also for yours.