Renske Super Premium Dry Food

Fresh prepared Chicken

  • With fresh chicken as the main ingredient (35%)
  • Grain free
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A complete, easy to digest diet with fresh chicken.

Suitable for cats of all breeds.

  • Fresh chicken as the main ingredient (35%, total animal ingredients 65%)
  • Grain free
  • Hypoallergenic, all animal ingredients derived from chicken
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Variety & Combinations

These kibbles are perfect in combination with our Fresh Meals for cats. These can be combined in the same meal. Vary the different flavours! Variation is a healthy way of preventing boredom, keeping the immune system strong, and ensuring that the cat does not build up an intolerance or allergy to a particular source of protein.

This dry food is available in packs of 400g, 1.5kg and 6kg.

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Composition of dry food with fresh chicken

Fresh chicken (36%), dried chicken (21,2%), sweet potato, potato, linseed, hydrolised chicken liver (3%), vegetable fiber, chicken fat (1%),  dried egg (1%), brewer’s yeast, minerals, cranberries, beta glucans, seaweed, milk thistle, yucca schidigera, glucosamine (200 mg/kg), methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM) (200 mg/kg), chondroitin sulphate (100 mg/kg).

Analytical constituents

Crude protein:                30,0%
Crude fat:                        13,0%
Crude ash:                      8,5%
Crude fibre:                    5,1%
Moisture:                        7,0%
Calcium:                         1,6%
Phosphorus:                  1,1%
Omega-3 fatty acids:   1,4%
Omega-6 fatty acids:   1,7%

Taurine: 2000 mg
L-carnitine: 500 mg

344,5 kcal per 100 gram

Instructions for use

Our dry pet foods are all complete meals, which means they contain all the nutrients your cat needs. You can vary the kibbles or combine them with our Fresh Meals, even in the same meal. We recommend offering plenty of variations in flavour whenever possible. This keeps your cat's immune system strong, and ensures that your cat doesn't build up intolerances or allergies and doesn't become bored. We don't like to eat the same food every day either, right?

Store the pet food in a dry, cool place. Make sure you always provide your cat with fresh drinking water. Do you want to pamper or reward your cat? Give it Renske Healthy Treats, healthy and tasty!

Daily amount

Cat's weight Dry food per day
1-2 kg 20-35 g
2-3 kg 35-45 g
3-4 kg 45-55 g
4-5 kg 55-65 g
5-6 kg 65-75 g
6+ kg 75+ g

Complete pet food for adult cats. The recommended quantities are guidelines based on averages. Due to individual differences between cats, the amounts given may vary.

Diet change advice

Cats can be sensitive to changes in diet. This is why we recommend mixing their usual pet food with the new food for the first few days. We recommend following these guidelines when changing:

Day 1: 

75% of their current pet food, 25% Renske pet food

Day 2: 

50% of their current pet food, 50% Renske pet food

Day 3: 

25% of their current pet food, 75% Renske pet food

Day 4: 

Now you can feed them only the Renske pet food. Possibly also in combination with Renske Fresh tins or tubs.

Our food products are very easy to digest, thanks to the high fresh meat or fresh fish content. This rarely causes problems when changing.

Would you like help with changing? Feel free to call or email us.

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