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Golddust Chhurpi - Coat & Skin

  • Natural dog snack
  • Based on an ancient Himalayan recipe
  • Gluten and grain free
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Ancient recipe

A natural dog snack based on an ancient Himalayan recipe. This chewing snack is a real treat, hand-made and based on a traditional method! A healthy, low calorie snack with irresistible flavour suitable for dogs aged 4 months and up!

Did you know? The last part of the Golddust Chhurpi can be turned into a wonderful cheese snack by heating it in the microwave. You will have great little cheese snacks after they cooled down.

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Hours of chewing fun

The Renske Golddust Chhurpi is 100% natural, vegetarian, gluten and wheat free. One of the major benefits is that this snack has a high density, which means the dog will have to do more to chew and soften the chhurpi. This means your dog will have hours and hours of chewing fun! Moreover, chewing a lot is good for the teeth, which can considerably reduce the formation of plaque.
  • 100% natural
  • Gluten and wheat free
  • Good for the teeth
  • IFS-certified production in Belgium
  • The Chhurpis are dried for no less than 3 months
  • Are made from cow's milk instead of yak milk
  • Part of the proceeds are donated to families in Nepal where the recipe was created.
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Safe and sustainable production

Quality, safety and sustainability matter to Renske. That is why we choose to make the Chhurpi in Belgium (IFS-certified). Part of the proceeds are donated to families in Nepal, where the recipe originated. Furthermore, real Yak milk has limited availability, which we would not want to take away from the people of Nepal who really need it.

Every Chhurpi is made from 99.9% cow's milk (0.01% is salt). Similar to cheese making, rennet is added to the milk. This turns the milk into a curd; this mass is placed in cheesecloth in a mould, pressed and dried over a period of more than 3 months.

The Golddust Chhurpi is available in different sizes:

  • Extra Small ± 32.5 grams
  • Small ± 50.5 grams
  • Medium ± 73 grams
  • Large ± 100.5 grams
  • Extra Large ± 155 grams
  • Giant ± 205 grams
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Golddust Heal – Coat & Skin

Golddust Heal – Skin & Coat contains an abundance of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and fibres, and is the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids and vegetable lignans. This product contains the active herb Horsetail. Golddust Heal is a 100% natural range of food supplements specially designed for dogs and cats. These supplements are all ‘Bio-Energetically Perfect’, which means their ingredients are tailored to the energetic nature of your animal to make the product even more effective.

Thanks to the addition of horsetail, diatomaceous earth and sage, 1. Skin & Coat can be used to combat various skin and coat issues.

  • Restores shine to the coat
  • Nourishes and protects the skin
  • Keeps the fur strong
  • Benefits the condition of the coat
  • Supports the skin's repair capacity
  • Contributes to normal hair growth
  • Strengthens the nails
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Product composition


Milk, milk constituents, linseed, M.S.M., diatomaceous earth (silicic acid), horsetail extract, sage

Analytical additives

Per 100g: protein 60%, fat 7%, crude ash 4.5%, crude fibre 0.5%, salt 0.01%.


Instructions for use

Renske Healthy Treats are a good, tasty addition to your dog's daily menu. Suitable as a treat, supplement, or for training purposes.


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