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Fresh Steamed Chicken 85g

  • Natural product
  • Organic SKAL certified
  • Gluten and grain free

Biological meal

Complete gluten and grain-free organic meal for cats. Prepared with certified organic ingredients. This meal does not contain preservatives or artificial flavourings. Rich in linseed (omega-3)!

Renske's Organic Fresh Meat Chicken Meal is an organic Fresh Meat Meal suitable for both young and adult cats of all breeds.

The product contains organically certified ingredients and is completely grain free. It contains 91% organic meat! This makes the meal very tasty and easy to digest. Our organic, fresh and natural ingredients are lightly steamed and vacuum sealed to preserve the essential nutrients.

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What is biological?

Biological means in a natural way, without chemicals. Biological (pet) food does not contain chemical (pesticides) or artificial fertilisers, and is produced with respect for the environment, animals and humans. Our products are SKAL certified.

  • Organic certified by SKAL
  • Complete meal
  • Easy to combine or alternate with our
  • Super Premium Dry food
  • Rich in linseed (omega-3)
  • Gluten and grain free
  • Produced in Austria, additional monitoring by Austrian authorities
  • In an 85g tub
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Product composition


Organically certified chicken (wings, neck, liver, carcass) (85%), organic turkey (wings, neck, carcass) (6%), organic linseed (6%), minerals.

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 9.5%, crude fat 5.5%, crude ash 2%, crude fibre 0.2%, moisture 82%.

Additives (per kg), nutritional additives:

Vitamin D3 100 IU/kg, zinc sulphate monohydrate 14 mg/kg, manganese (II) oxide 1 mg/kg, copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate 0.5 mg/kg, taurine 300 mg/kg, calcium iodate, anhydrous 0.5 mg/kg.

90,7 kcal per 100 gram.

Instructions for use

Instructions for use

Our Organic Fresh Meat Meals for cats are complete meals. You can vary the meals or combine them with our Super Premium dry food, even in the same meal.

Not giving your pet a whole tub at once? What is left over can either be frozen or kept in the fridge for 2 to 3 days. It is best to keep closed packets in a cool, dry place. Make sure you always provide your cat with fresh drinking water. Do you want to pamper or reward your cat? Give it Renske Healthy Treats, healthy and tasty!

Daily amount

Feed 2 to 3 tubs per day for an adult cat weighing 4kg.

The recommended quantities are guidelines only. Your cat's age, condition and temperament affect its daily nutritional needs.

Diet change advice

Whichever food you currently use, you can switch to Renske Organic Fresh Meals straight away. Because the meals are so easy to digest, they are super easy to eat. The change in diet will not cause any problems, provided you serve the correct amount.

Would you like help with changing? Feel free to call, email or chat with us.

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