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Chhurpi Cheese Pops

  • Natural dog snack
  • Based on an ancient Himalayan recipe
  • Gluten and grain free

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The perfect treat for your dog

Picture this: a cosy film night on the sofa, with your dog beside you. While you enjoy your own crunchy popcorn, you can also pamper your dog with a special treat—dog popcorn! This fun and tasty treat is a great way to pamper your dog and to bond during quality time together. Cheese Pops are the newest and most popular treat for dogs, and here is why your dog will absolutely love them.

Real cheese flavour: Cheese pops are saturated with the delicious flavour of real cheese. This makes them irresistible for dogs of all breeds and sizes. The rich and hearty flavour will certainly attract the attention of your dog and tickle his or her taste buds.

Healthy ingredients: Cheese Pops are made using high-quality ingredients that have been specially composed for the nutritional needs of dogs. They are gluten and wheat free and do not contain any artificial flavourings or preservatives, and so they are a healthy choice for your dog.

Crunchy texture: The crunchy texture of Cheese Pops makes them a fantastic choice for dogs who love chewing. The hard surface also helps to remove dental plaque and to improve the oral hygiene of your dog.

Sharing together: Sharing dog popcorn with your dog can be a fun way to strengthen your bond. You can feed the popcorn bites to your dog and, while he or she is nibbling on them, you can enjoy precious moments of togetherness.


Safe and sustainable production

Quality, safety and sustainability matter to Renske. That is why we choose to make the Chhurpi in Belgium (IFS-certified). Part of the proceeds are donated to families in Nepal, where the recipe originated. Furthermore, real Yak milk has limited availability, which we would not want to take away from the people of Nepal who really need it.

Every Chhurpi is made from 99.9% cow's milk (0.01% is salt). Similar to cheese making, rennet is added to the milk. This turns the milk into a curd; this mass is placed in cheesecloth in a mould, pressed and dried over a period of more than 3 months.

In short, Cheese Pops are the perfect snack for your dog’s birthday, for watching TV with your dog, when meeting a puppy or just to give your dog a little extra love.

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Product composition


Milk, milk constituents, salt. 

400 kcal per 100 grams.

Analytical additives

Per 100g: 65% crude protein, 9.5% crude fat, 4.5% crude ash, 0.5% crude fibre.


Instructions for use

Renske Healthy Rewards are a good, tasty addition to your dog’s daily menu.

You can find the instructions for preparing Cheese Pops on the back of the packet.


Adjust the seconds spent in the microwave to your microwave’s strength. Heat for 45 to 120 seconds. (For instance, 900W ± 90 seconds; 1100W ± 60 seconds.) Remove the Cheese Pops that have popped from the packet and allow them to cool for 2 minutes. Leave the Cheese Pops that haven’t yet popped in the packet and heat them for 30 seconds at a time until all the Cheese Pops have popped. The packet will not expand like a normal popcorn bag.


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